Maintenance and repairs

TYCTORRES has its own system of preventive maintenance and repair of garage doors, industrial, retail, residential, firewall... both ours and other manufacturers.
Our extensive portfolio of paid customers ranging from small businesses, communities of owners, to large hotel companies, universities, hospitals... all of them are aware of the importance of the preventive and corrective maintenance of doors as well as enforcement that have as owners of installations based on the UNE-EN 14600: 2006 regulations Annex C to ensure the maintenance and operation of the doors.

Our subscribers will receive :

  • Improvements in the performance of doors and its mechanisms.
  • Early detection of possible failures and repairs (avoiding that can go higher)

    All our services of conservation and preventive maintenance contract provides that:

  • If accurate door repair fault, coup or any other circumstance, our repair Department to submit a quote in which apply pricing both in the material and workmanship.